Preferred Lenders from Devoro Homes

Why Use a Preferred Lender?

A preferred lender will be familiar with the builder, sales staff, policies and requirements. This allows for quick and accurate answers to your questions. A preferred lender will keep you up-to-date and provide a faster, less complicated loan process. It can also save you money, too. Not only do they offer a full range of financing, competitive rates and expert mortgage counseling but may often extend special incentives to buyers who secure their loan with one of the preferred lenders.

At DeVoro Homes, we have 2 Preferred Lenders to give you more choices and to be able to shop rates. They know how our processes work and strive to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible for our customers. You can be sure that when you choose one of our approved lenders, we’ll take care of all the financing details. The financing process runs more smoothly when you work with a lender who knows what both the buyer and the builder needs from the beginning to the end of the building process.

1. How does the process work to build a new home?
The first step in finding your new home should be contacting a Preferred Lender to see how much you qualify for. From there, it's a pretty easy and fun process! You will pick out a floor plan you love and home site that fits your needs. Once that is determined a contract is signed off on and we set you up to visit our glorious design center usually within a week or two. There you will pick all the finishes to customize your home and make it truly yours. Behind the scenes is usually happening for 4-6 weeks (permits, etc.) and then construction begins. From contract to closing is usually 5-6 months depending of course on many other factors. Once building is complete, closing with the attorney and lender takes place and we hand you over the keys!
2. Applying for a loan
It is a very simple and easy process. Just click on 1 of the Preferred Lender links at the top of the page or call them directly. They are there to help you! They will need certain basic information to prequalify you such as your yearly income, social security number, monthly bills you pay etc. No need for paper at this point until you decide to move forward. ​ Not sure how much you qualify for? Click on one of the Preferred Lender links at the top of the page and they will find out quickly for you. You are not committed to anything by applying.
3. Closing on your New what?
There is much to do before your Big Move! Some items you may want to make sure of:
  • Scheduled Movers
  • Utilities to be cut on
  • Keep Closing Documents in a Safe Place
  • Change Driver's License
  • Change of Address - Post Office as well as to your creditors and subscriptions
  • Check with Security and Pest Control companies
  • Keep a list of items that may have been missed on your walk through at closing to notify the Builder of.
This is just to name a few. Please consult with your Sales Agent if you have any additional questions.
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